ABER is an Oslo based band consisting of members Hedda Aronssen, Lars Støvland, Eivind Molden Norseng and Oliver James Hardaker.

Together they channel their love of poignant lyrics, catchy melodies and energetic synth pop to give us modern, punchy pop songs with hints back to the hits of the 80s.

They released their first single “I don’t love you anymore” in 2018 followed by three singles in 2019 “Gold” and “Just like you” which were play-listed on Poptronix, Ny pop, New music Friday Norway, and New indie alt. “Just like you” was also one of the most played songs on RadioSignal week 34 and playlisted on NRK Vestfold. These were followed by the fourth single “I’ll give in” released on the 15th November 2019.

2020 has seen the release of ABERs fifth and final single ‘I Just Need You ’Til Tomorrow’ accompanied by a memorising music video.  

On June 12th ABER released their long awaited Debut Album titled “Just Like You”

The album is available on all digital platforms and Vinyl purchase.